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Domain Network or Peer-to-Peer Networking
Data Communication is changing at a large rate of knots. Applications constantly demand greater bandwidth. The structured integration of the latest technology to provide fast and reliable communication has never been more important.

S2 Solutions understand that business, particularly in the small to medium sector, are using more of their critical business systems on computer networks. The rapid rise of e-commerce, e-mail, Internet access and now online trading, has added new dimensions and can be integral to a company's network strategy.

Business Benefits.

Networking your computer system allows users easy access to hardware and software with higher security of data throughout your company. Networks also allow you to streamline your business to work more efficiently with ease and speed.

Should your office needs be only to share a broadband internet connection to save money on dial up connections that you maybe using at the moment. Or need a fully functioning Domain Network setup, Custodian can supply and carry out cabling work, and set up the computer systems to your specific requirements. Big or small, no matter what size your business, we are certain we can provide you with a network solution to meet your needs.

Wireless Networks.

S2 Solutions Aim to keep ahead of breaking technologies, providing wireless network solutions for businesses large and small. Wireless networking can make your business more flexible and efficient.

If S2 Solutions is to implement new software, network system or Database for your business, staff training can be built into the package if your do not already have a staff training course in place.
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Networking Infrastructure Design Solutions
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